How Much is Kylie Jenner Really Worth?

How Much is Kylie Jenner Really Worth?

Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Sales

It's no joke that the Kardashians are all pretty much loaded beyond belief. But Kylie, being the youngest of the bunch could be on track to be one of the richest. 

Keep in mind Kylie is still just 20 YEARS OLD... Yeah, this is interesting as well as depressing 

Well, to start we know from Forbes that Kylie is already the third richest of the bunch, Kim is still at the top with a staggering net worth of around $150 million (£113 million). Here's a quick fun or depressing fact, Kim earns the average UK annual salary in just 6 hours (£27,000) 

We are then followed by Kris Jenner who's net worth is a massive $60 million. 

Followed by Kylie who's net worth is $50 million (£37 million) However, the interesting part is when it comes to Kylie Jenner cosmetic sales. In just 18 months Kylie's cosmetic collections combined have brought in a HUGE $420 million in retail sales!!! putting her on the path to become a billionaire, fairly soon. (if you forgot again, shes only 20...)

Fo Real
Kylie Jenner Cosmetic Sales

We hope that you enjoyed this blog post, whether you found it impressive or depressive let us know in the comments section below! We love Kylie, but still a little part of us wishes we had her money, not her. 😂😂 

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Thanks Girls!

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