Top 10 Must-Have Items for a Bohemian Chic Wardrobe

Here's One For The Boho Gals! 

We absolutely love boho chic clothing and the bohemian style in general! so much so we decided to make a cheat sheet list of the top 10 must-have items, so you can easily nail the bohemian look.

bohemian chic clothing

The bohemian chic style is a crowd favourite and many of us absolutely adore the look. However, sometimes it can be tricky to pull off the boho outfit if your wardrobe is not equipped with the essentials needed! 

We're here to the rescue!

So, because of this, we decided to make you boho babes a list of the essentials that we think you should have in your wardrobe to pull off this beautiful style with ease. 

This is just a guide and everyone's wardrobe will always look different depending on our own taste and style. Use this list to inspire and create your own boho look!

Let's get started!

1. Chunky Knitted Sweaters or Cardigans

Here are some of our favourite boho chic sweaters and cardigans below:

bohemian chic clothing  bohemian chic clothingbohemian chic clothing

Where to find these items:
Now Bikini
Chic Wish
Shop Love Street

A staple in the bohemian style outfit. Chunky knit sweaters and cardigans will make great layering and can also be worn comfortably throughout fall, winter and spring.

For a more bohemian look try opting for a lacy knit, this will give that kind of see-through look to the item. 

The great thing is that you may probably already have these in your wardrobe, but even if you don't you'll more than likely be able to find one from your favourite retailer without any problems.

Image result for light bulb emojiTop Tip!Image result for light bulb emoji

It's not the law, but try sticking with warm colours, like with the examples above. Warmer colours tend to help the bohemian style look better than cold blues. 

2. Accessories 

Here are some of our favourite boho accessories below:

It's really easy to lose control and go crazy with accessories, we freaking love them as well! Accessories are the icing on the cake and will always be the final touch to an amazing look. 

bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing

Where to find these items:
Now Bikini
Gypsy Outfitters
The Boho Boutique
Now Bikini

There are literally endless amounts of bohemian style jewellery and they're all so beautiful, the good thing is that you can find some pieces to be cheap so you can afford to grab yourself a few different items.

We, in particular, love the use of crystals and turquoise stones. Long chain necklaces with turquoise stones or crystals are a classic bohemian go-to.

But I can't decide!!!?...

If you're stuck and can't decide what accessories to get we suggest getting either a knuckle ring set like shown above or some kind of long chain necklace with turquoise, to make the gypsy/boho association easier!

 3. Maxi Skirt (Simple or Patterned)

Here are some of our favourite maxi skirts below:

bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing

Where to find these items:
Trendy Quest
In The Style
South Moon Under

Maxi skirts are another staple amongst boho chic clothing and you should definitely have some in your wardrobe. We say simple or patterned because both go really well in creating the bohemian style, if you want your boho look to be more powerful then you can go for a patterned one like above, but if you want to be a little more subtle then a plain one is fine.

We love the simple/plain maxi skirts because they will generally allow for more outfit ideas and you will have more flexibility when choosing what other items will look good with your skirt

4. Gladiator Sandals

Here are some of our favourite gladiator sandals below:

bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing  bohemian chic clothing

Where to find these items:
Long Tall Sally
Simply Be

Gladiator sandals are amazing! Not only do they look beautiful but they are perfect to create boho chic / festival look. Opt for some ankle high or knee-high gladiator sandals along with your maxi skirt and you're halfway there already! 

We prefer the ankle-high gladiator sandals as they can sometimes make you look a little taller (maybe because I'm short I think this! 😂 ) You can find many different styles but if you become unsure, just stick to brown leather and you will be golden!

5. Floppy Brim Hat

Here are some of our favourite floppy hats below:

bohemian chic wardrobebohemian chic wardrobe  bohemian chic wardrobebohemian chic wardrobe

Where to find these items:
Now Bikini (Last two hats)

Floppy hats are beautiful when they maintain their shape! That's why we do not recommend going crazy and spending a lot of money on this item. We think that most of the time, the cheaper hats actually hold their shape just as well as most expensive ones (not always the case, but usually)


We have seen basic floppy hats being sold at a huge £60-70 recently, we recommend sticking to the £20 or under budget, this way you will be able to afford another one next season. 

Floppy hats are gorgeous and they are perfect for the boho summer look. The world is your oyster here so go for a colour that you love, the most common colours are beige's, light browns, burgundy and black, but go with what you feel like! We absolutely love the burgundy coloured hats at the moment!

6. Boho Style Bag

The moment you've been waiting for. bags bags bags

Here are some of our favourite boho style bags:

bohemian chic wardrobe bohemian chic wardrobebohemian chic wardrobe bohemian chic wardrobe

Where to find these items:
The Freedom State
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet (Last Two)

I am definitely guilty of buying 1 or 2, or 10 more bags than I really need but it's so hard not to!  Whether you are purposefully trying to achieve the boho look or not, this style of bag is GORGEOUS. 

Prices really do drastically change depending on the brand and materials so we can't give much guidance there! This will be down to personal taste but you can opt for a leather style one, suede, or soft cloth type material. 

One or ten of these boho chic bags are a must as they are just so god damn beautiful, useful for many different occasions and can be used every day.

7. Tunic / Boho Style Top

Here are some of our favourite tunic tops and boho style tops below:

bohemian chic clothingboho chic clothingboho chic clothingboho chic clothing 

Where to find these items:
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet  

Tunic style tops are whats thought of when you say the word "bohemian" so this is definitely something you may want to equip your wardrobe with. With so many different styles and colours which all look beautiful so you have the chance to be really creative and tasteful on this one be sure to have a good shop around. 

We particularly like the patchwork style and tunic tops with the paisley pattern to give off those bohemian vibes!

8. Headbands and Bandanas 

You could consider these accessories but they are so important we decided to give them their own number! Sh*t Got Real

Here are some of our favourite headbands and bandanas:

bohemian style headband Bohemian style headband 

bohemian style headband bohemian style headband

Where to find these items:
Free People 
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet 

There are so many different styles of headbands to choose from! We in particular love the paisley style ones, which is the same as the typical bandana pattern. 

You can usually get things like bandanas very cheap from places like Amazon However, headbands are a little more expensive but still affordable.

You are free to be creative and wild with this one, there are no specific colours or patterns that dictate the style.

9. Maxi Dress

Here are some of our favourite maxi dresses:

bohemian maxi dress bohemian chic clothingbohemian chic clothing bohemian maxi dress

Where to find these items:
River Island
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet

Perhaps one of the most commonly thought of bohemian chic items! Whether patterned or plain this is something you should definitely invest in, your wardrobe will thank you! 

If you really want the true bohemian style look then we suggest getting a patterned maxi dress with warmer colours like the one shown above from Floryday. 

Regardless of what you go for, you are guaranteed to look absolutely stunning in a maxi dress. It's one of our all-time favourite clothing items. 

10. Big Sunglasses

Here are some of our favourite big sunglasses below:

bohemian chic clothingbohemian chic clothing 

bohemian chic clothing bohemian chic clothing  

Where to find these items:
Quay Australia
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet 
Now Bikini Fashion Outlet

Big or oversized sunglasses took the fashion world by storm just a few years ago and are still popular now. They are a boho girl staple and you should invest in a few pairs to finish off your chic look! 

It's no secret that sunglasses can be super expensive so we recommend sticking to cheaper pairs due to the chances of you dropping them, scratching them or even losing them (like I always do!) 

We love the chrome aviator style in particular like the first photo above, we think this style of sunglasses lend themselves to be more bohemian than other cat-eye sunglasses. But feel free to choose your favourite as any oversized sunglasses will compliment your overall look! 

We hope you have enjoyed and found useful this cheat sheet guide of the top 10 must-have items for a bohemian chic wardrobe

We have included below some links where you can find even more boho inspiration, tips and tricks. And of course, Pinterest rules when it comes to this!

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We would love to hear your thoughts on this blog post below in the comments section! Let us know if you have found this type of post useful and please give us some of YOUR tips and tricks you use for the bohemian look! Also if you have any questions feel free to ask them and we will get back to you :)

Thank you so much for reading!

The Now Bikini Fashion Outlet Team!! xxx

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